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Before there was Frank Nagler, there was Leo Gauvin, who learned how to step back into life after one stunning event:

“What might have taken hours, seemed like it took only a second: Darkness to light, pain to exhilaration, from the void, birth and life. Forever it seemed I remained stunned amid the wreckage of creation.

firstroseThen I saw Helena, now resting on the bed. She was enraptured with the baby John, lost in his miracle and their survival amid the blood-soaked towels and sheets and the mess of his birth.

She was both crying and laughing at once. “He’s here,” she whispered; discovery begins.

I moved closer and like an ancient touched John’s small astounded face with a warm cloth and watched as he in confusion experienced water for the first time and learned of it.

“I …” “Say nothing,” she commanded.

But after a minute Helena gave up the baby John to me and I held him.

For that moment and evermore, I am.”

How did they get there?

Please download “The Resurrection of Leo”   at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/282799.

Before Smitty met Katina, in the work-in-progress “Three Rivers” (http://wp.me/p1mc2c-bO there was baseball and the New Kid, and the home run that changed the summer and a few things after that.

cover13-page-0“The Summer of the Home Run” is available at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/299057

And for a special treat, please follow these links to hear my friend and wonderful voice artist Diane Havens read two stories from the “The Resurrection of Leo” collection:

“Weight”, http://wp.me/s1mc2c-weight

“What Happened When He Came Back”:

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