Concept cover for ‘A Game Called Dead’, the second Frank Nagler mystery.

My publisher, Imzadi Publishing, of Tulsa, OK, has sent me the concept of the cover for the upcoming Frank Nagler sequel, “A Game Called Dead.”

DEADCOVER715The story picks up two years after “The Swamps of Jersey”  and finds Ironton, N.J., Detective Frank Nagler and friends the target of an unknown killer.

Old friends, reporter Jimmy Dawson and Delvin Williams are on hand, and the story introduces Nagler’s new police partner, Tom Miller, and Harriet Waddley-Jones, the dean of woman studies at the New Jersey State College of Ironton. She seems to have a thing for Nagler.

Also new to the story is Leonard, a long-time friend of Nagler’s who operates a local bookstore, and Rashad Jackson and his gang of drum-playing teen-agers.

And then there’s Lauren Fox, Nagler’s girlfriend from “The Swamps of Jersey.”

The artist is Anita Dugan-Moore.

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