Vote because you have a brain

Vote because you have a brain.

Vote because that act is the one equal right we have.

Vote because people died to secure it.

Vote because you remember that it didn’t matter to you if your neighbor was gay.

Vote because you remember when we had a sense of humor.

Vote because your ancestors came here through the same inept, corrupt, illogical system and were hated for it.

Vote because we are better for their arrival and that the country did not fall into ruin because they came.

Vote because you remember when building schools and roads and bus routes and sewers and water systems was what we expected government to do.

Vote because your parents and grandparents believed in your future.

Vote because you believe in the future of you children.

Vote because you remember that the rich guys have all the money and they ain’t gonna voluntarily share it.

Vote because you remember when private debaucheries or hate were not crafted into public policy.

Vote because you remember when rivers ran green and red with pollution, and when you could not see New York City from New Jersey because of the smog.

Vote because you remember when acid rain killed thousands of lakes across the Northeast.

Vote because you remember how policies were crafted to change that.

Vote because innovation matters.

Vote because visitors go to Utah to gaze at majestic mountains, not oil rigs.

Vote so that the cold your child had two years ago, or the ankle you broke, does not mean you can’t get health care at a reasonable price, if it gets covered at all.

Vote so that if you have a car accident the emergency room can’t turn you away because you don’t have insurance.

Vote because your grandfather landed at Normandy to defeat the Nazis, not praise them.

Vote because your great-grandmother was beaten and went to jail so she could vote.

Vote because your father was sent with his National Guard unit to Mississippi so black citizens could safely vote.

Vote because Eisenhower sent the U.S. Army to Little Rock to open the schools to black kids.

Vote because all that once mattered to you.

Vote because everything we have can vanish in an instant.

Vote because it will happen to you, whether you believe it or not.


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I have been writing most of my life. I am the author of the award-winning Frank Nagler Mystery series. "The Swamps of Jersey (2014); "A Game Called Dead" (2016) -- a Runner-Up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Indie Author Contest; and "The Weight of Living" (2017) -- First Place winner for Mysteries in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Contest.
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