I’m on a worldwide radio broadcast March 19 (Wow!)

The Author’s Show —  www.theauthorsshow.com – will broadcast an interview with me for 24 hours on March 19. The interview will be broadcast starting at Midnight and play continuously for 24 hours.

The interview can be accessed on the website listed above on their schedule of interviews. My interview will be listed by my name and the book title, “The Weight of Living.” On the day of the broadcast, the book title will be highlighted as a link to the interview.

The interview was conducted by writer and editor Linda Thompson. It includes a two-minute reading from the book, for which I chose to read the opening when police find the young girl in a grocery store Dumpster wear a tank top and shorts. Her discovery sets off the investigation that leads Ironton, N.J. Detective Frank Nagler down a long and dark path.

The interview was edited for broadcast, which eliminated the “ums” and “duhs” and awkward pauses and makes me seem a lot more polished than I actually am.

Thanks to Anita Dugan-Moore of Imzadi Publishing and https://www.cyber-bytz.com/

for the contact with The Author’s Show.

And thanks to Georjean Trinkle of Hot in Hunterdon, a broadcast on the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce Internet Radio Network, for the opportunity to practice talkin’ on the radio.



This is part of the selection I read:


“She seemed hollow, the girl did.  Breathing, hearing, touching, but absent.  Small, dark dots sunk into an ashen blank face, eyes impossibly dull for someone so young, eyes that stared straight ahead at the faded green wall; hard, eyes so hard that did not seem to register the color of the wall, the brown of the tabletop, the light bulb above her head or the presence of anyone else.  Robotic. From the police car to the police station and into the back office she walked with slow,  short steps, and once in the room without being told, she slipped sideways into the green vinyl chair with the tear in the seat that exposed the white cotton batting inside; the chair that engulfed her, hips too small to fill the worn indentation in the center of the seat as she faced the wall, folded her hands on the table and sat upright.

Her eyes held no light; expressionless, passages not to a dark soul, but to one seemingly hidden or  removed; spaces missing life. Eyes not filled with pain, but absence.

Her hair was raggedly cut, and filthy, as was her thin, damaged body.  Grime lived in her skin folds, under her finger nails, on and in her skin so deeply its color changed from white to brown-gray; dirt so thick her skin shed water like plastic.

She had been sitting in the back office at the Ironton, New Jersey police station for an hour after patrol removed her about ten o’clock that night from a grocery store garbage bin.  She had neither offered words, nor responded to questions, not even a nod or a shake of her head. The water bottle sat on the table untouched.”


(Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

The Frank Nagler Mysteries are: “The Swamps of Jersey,” “A Game Called Dead,” and “The Weight of Living.” All are available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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