How fictional DRAGONY RISING reflects real U.S. politics

I wrote the fifth Frank Nagler Mystery DRAGONY RISING during the Covid shutdown and run-up to the 2020 Presidential election that elected Joe Biden as President and concluded with the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection.

The times were marked by isolation, deaths, protests, street riots, and the rising cry of election deniers who want the world to believe, without evidence, that the election was stolen (The Big Lie) .

That outcry by the Republican party and right wing media has led to more and more alarming statements by candidates proclaiming that if elected  they will pass laws that will ensure their party will never lose and election again.

The latest example:

From Huffington Post: Tim Michels, the Republican nominee for governor of Wisconsin, in a video Tweet, promised a group of supporters this week that the GOP would seize permanent control of the state if he is elected in next week’s (Nov. 8) midterms.

“Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin after I’m elected governor,” the multimillionaire construction executive said during a campaign stop on Monday.

In state after state Republicans are pledging to alter state laws and voting rules to make sure their party captures control of the  government.

How different is that from what I wrote in DRAGONY RISING? (Written more than year ago)

Examine this scene:

(Lauren  Fox)  held out a notice.” This was in my mailbox when I went back to my office. It’s a copy of the ordinance the city council is expected to pass on Monday.”

(Lt. Maria) Ramirez read the title: “‘An ordinance to reform the duties of the city council of Ironton, New Jersey.’ Reform how?”

“By taking away their statutory rights to power and making them an advisory council,” Lauren said, taking the papers from Ramirez. “Um, here, see?”

She read, “‘The council shall with this act rescind all powers of appointment, financial oversight and legislative authority; with such powers being transferred to the mayor, whose term limits are hereby suspended, per Article 256-2006.’ That means that Bill Weston is about to become mayor for life.”

“What about elections?” (Frank Nagler)  asked.

“Suspended,” Lauren said, “Let me see,” and she shuffled the papers. “Here. “‘Public elections may be suspended under the emergency powers granted under Article 256-2006.’”

Can  a mystery novel capture the real life  situations facing this country?

Can those fictional scenes hold a mirror to the real world?

It is easy to believe in fiction that the good guys win.

In real life it takes hard work.

Don’t believe that it is happening?

Read the statement above by the GOP candidate  for Wisconsin governor.

Or think about this statement, by Dragony leader Rodney McCarroll:

“It don’t matter what ya believe, when it’s happening right in front of ya.”

So, two requests:

Read DRAGONY RISING to see what happened to my fictional city, Ironton, N.J.

And more important, vote on Nov. 8.

Vote like your country depends on it.

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4 Responses to How fictional DRAGONY RISING reflects real U.S. politics

  1. Dee says:

    It’s kinda spooky, isn’t it? The prescience. When my friends and I wrote “Naked Came the Sharks” in 2000 we had no idea that 17 years later it would happen more or less as we wrote it.

    • I had started that story line in SWAMPS with Mayor Howard Newton, but I wanted to finish it in a big way…and the longer I write the more it looked like resality.

      • Dee says:

        It was disquieting how far back the corruption started, how much planning went into it. And how it still simmers, how long and convoluted are the Dragony tentacles. We shouldn’t be surprised when we discover this is going on IRL and yet we are shocked every time.

      • as McCarroll said, It don’t matter what ya believe when it happening right in front of ya

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