Excerpt: “What happened when the post office closed”

An excerpt from “What happened when the post office closed: A love letter”.

The unnamed characters in this story are the models for two of the main characters in the in-progress novel, “Oswald’s War.”

Short link for this story: http://wp.me/p1mc2c-4y

This is part of my published collection of short stories called “The Resurrection of Leo,” available at : https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/282799

“….. But maybe one summer, one of us would have stopped in front of the general store and excitedly walked through its narrow crowded aisles, and walked along the still dusty streets to point out the home where you grew up, and the two-room school house that is now a fire station, past the empty spot where the old hotel once stood next to the brick building where the coffee shop was; stood on the lake shore and pointed at Halfway Rock, where we spend afternoons making out, and all those things about the place and times and each other, all the things we knew, would again be real.
firestationAnd maybe in that reverie was a thought of those moonless summer nights when we’d swim out to the raft that was anchored offshore and lie on our backs, holding hands, speaking in whispers because the whole town would hear us otherwise; sometimes just silent as above us the universe exploded into a billion stars and we’d count the jets on their way to Europe and smile at the shooting stars flashing green against the black sky.
And you’d squeeze the water out of your blonde hair and flick it off your fingers at me. And we’d touch, and kiss and hold, and know that even as the universe expanded to infinity above us, there was only that moment, only that kiss, only that fire in your eyes. The moment that filled us.
If you lived in the town where I grew up, I would have loved you for my entire life. And nothing else would have mattered.”

Coming soon: “The Swamps of Jersey,” from Imzadi Publishing.

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  1. bldodson says:

    I like it. World’s longest sentences, but I think they work.

    • Indeed!. trying to create the sense of the rush of recovery of memory of a person trying to take in all they had one known in one fell swoop, like a child might experience it for the first time. Thanks.

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