My review of Devorah Fox’s ‘The Redoubt’

Dee will probably kill me for this, but I wanted this review to get a wider audience, not because  I wrote it, but because when I finished reading “The Redoubt” last night I had a huge grin on my face because it is great, wonderful book.  Amazon and other outlets.

The review:

“The Redoubt” is a wonderful tale, well told. In this, the fourth story in the King Bewilliam series, the King of the Chalklands continues his climb back from the beguiling fall in the first book “The Lost King,” that left him, Robin, questioning his mind, heart and soul.
While in the middle books Robin has regained his kingdom, the self-battles remain: how to be a father to two sons who have taken such different lifepaths; will he ever love again; can he rule his kingdom fairly, even as weather-related distress has impoverished his people; what kind of man is he.
The weather – wet, gloomy, dismal, is a perfect description of Robin’s mood. And the challenge of finding again sunny days, is a perfect metaphor for his state of being — As is the trade mission Robin leads to Sea Gate Fortress and a potential reunion with its ruler, the wonderful Alexandra
And it is a wonderful journey, with a healthy nod to Chaucer, and a perfect vehicle for terrific story-telling. And the tales are imaginative, funny, drawing numerous comments from the participants; they are both personal and telling, and even foretelling. Marvelous writing.
“The Redoubt” is a great read. Engaging, involving and written by a writer who is mastering this form of meaningful fantasy, to tell a fantastic, mystical tale with a modern eye. Congratulations. There is clearly more to tell about Robin and his quest.
To all others, Enjoy!


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