Celebrate Ravi (and thanks for letting me participate)

About a dozen years ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a young woman from Mendham, N.J. who had started a remarkable journey: Opening an orphanage in the Kopila Valley, Nepal.

Later, when the world became aware of Maggie Doyne’s efforts, it responded with support and love to help the project grow. When, two years ago, little Ravi was adopted, there was joy as Maggie spoke of her love for this little boy.

The joy was overtaken by grief at the end of 2015 when it was told that Ravi had died.

I stared at my computer screen after I had received that message, knowing the world at Kopila Valley was crashing. After several hours of restless sleep, I wrote a small piece about Ravi.

Today, Blink Now has issued a video, produced by Peck School teacher Suzy Becker, celebrating Ravi.


Thanks for including some of my words in that video. I am honored.


Here is the video:


Here is my piece:



And here is a way to learn about Maggie, Kopila Valley and the Blink Now Foundation:


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