My father’s book on Byrd voyages now placed in Cambridge University, England, Antarctic research institute

Scan_Pic0001My father, Joseph Austin Daigle,  was part of the Adm. Richard Byrd exploration of Antarctica in 1939 to 1941. He wrote a small book about it called “Little America III, (1939 to 1941) with Admiral Richard E. Byrd. My Personal experiences.”

The Scott Polar Research Institute of the University of Cambridge, England, noticed a post I had written about the book, called “A Sailor’s Life.”

Antarctic Bibliographer Hilary Shibata asked if the institute could have a copy of the book, and I sent one to them. This is the first notice my siblings are getting about this, but I didn’t think they’d mind.

My great thanks to Professor Shibata for the interest in the story my father recorded.

newbearpic She wrote: “It is an amazing story, all the way from the Antarctic to the Arctic in the Bear, which to my mind is one of the most significant polar ships of all. It’s so good to have a truly personal account of theses voyages and adventures.”

This is a photo of the Bear from the book. It was a retro-fitted whaling ship.

So forever, my father’s story on  his great adventure will be a part of the official record of Antarctic exploration.

For more information on the Byrd voyages visit

this website:


I also wrote this pieces about those voyages, about the penguin my father brought home.


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7 Responses to My father’s book on Byrd voyages now placed in Cambridge University, England, Antarctic research institute

  1. Sean Tennison says:

    I’m glad I came across this. My grandmother, Daisy Morgan who just passed away, was Austin’s cousin. When I was a kid he sent me a autograph copy of his book that I still have and will always treasure. Just like my great aunt Lorecia Daigle East who also published several books including “My Acadians” about the Daigle lineage.

    • Hi Sean. Glad to meet you. I had written a piece about my father and his Byrd tri called My Father’s Penquin…and the Scott Institute in England saw and asked for a copy of his I copied it— it had a big coffee stain on the front– and sent it to them. I met Lorecia many years ago in Maine when she visited my father…we talked about her books, especially “The Boomers”…I have a copy of that. Such well told, simple tales..I’m glad you remember my Dad.. we didn’t get along too well, but his trip to the South Pole was heroic, and now it’s a part of a famous explorer’s collection at a prestigious UK university. Thanks for he note.

    • Karen Black says:

      Hi Sean and Michael, Lorecia Daigle is also my great aunt. I am the grand daughter of her youngest sister Pauline Daigle Blanchard. I own and have read all of her books as well as Austin Daigle’s. Austin traveled to Friendswood Texas when my son was in 7th grade and gave a presentation to my son’s class on his voyage. What a special man! My son, the class and his teacher were amazed and forever grateful. Oh yeah, and my son made an A+ in that class. I am in the process of trying to obtain that VHS tape from the school. On another note, I have possibly met one, or both of you on the dance floor of a long ago Daigle Family reuinion when we were kids. Nice to find this. 🙂 Karen

      • Glad to meet you, Karen. Lorecia was a remarkable woman. I met in Maine years ago and we spend a long time talking about the family, and her books. My father presented a different face to the outside world than he did to his family (see my I e on My Father’s Penguin) Even Lorecia commented on that. That’s all past. I was glad to send a copy of him book to the Scott Institute. That is cool. All my beest. Michael

      • Sean Tennison says:

        That’s awesome Karen. I’ll have to ask my mom about you and relations. I did attend some reuions when I was a kid so maybe I did meet you.

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