New format for ‘The Frank Nagler Anthology’

I am glad to announce new formats for the Frank Nagler Anthology, a collection of the first three Frank Nagler Mysteries. Thanks for my publisher, Imzadi Publishing. 

It was first issued as a hardcover, but is now available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle ebook.

Here are the link:


What’s in this anthology:

“The Swamps of Jersey,” (2014).


“Beautiful writing with a dark plot: murder and dirty politics in a down and out city in New Jersey. Detective Frank Nagler, native son of this city, is a worn down, gritty character with a deeply buried sensitive side.”

“Characters are immediately human, complex and draw the reader into the decaying city they call home. The author has a way with infusing the prose with metaphors and similes that bring a scene to life and work on several levels. If you enjoy literary mysteries with well-crafted plots, this book is for you.”


 “A Game Called Dead,” (2016) was named a Runner-Up in the Shelf Unbound 2016 Indie Book Contest.


“What a great story! Not the typical mystery since there were pretty obvious hints from the beginning. The characters were well developed and the book created an emotional connection too.”


“Set in the down-but-not-out city of Ironton, New Jersey, this rather hard-boiled cop story also examines the topics of violence on college campuses and nepotism within city departments. This is the second in the Frank Nagler series and shows the growth of the writer; it’s an enjoyable novel with a good ending.”


 “The Weight of Living” (2017) was awarded FIRST PLACE for Mysteries in the 2017 Royal Dragonfly Book Contest; was named a NOTABLE 100 Book in the 2018 Shelf Unbound Indie Book Contest; was named a DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE in the 2018 Independent Press Awards, and a DISTINGUISHED FAVORITE in the 2018 Big NYC Book Contest.

The fourth Nagler book, a prequel called “The Red Hand,” should be available in the Spring 2019.


“The Weight of Living didn’t disappoint. It presents a mystery that kept me guessing until the very end. The crime involves stones that many influential people would like to see unturned, stones that have kept secrets buried for generations. Despite grave opposition and at personal cost, Nagler, driven by his moral code, compassion, and commitment to help the helpless, keeps digging until his and his worthy cohorts have uncovered the truth.”


“Daigle hits his stride in this third Frank Nagler Mystery. The characters are strong and convincing, and the plot is unpredictable, with sudden twists that take even a careful reader by surprise. The setting is dark, unsettling and gritty, a northern NJ city caught up in the aftermath of decades-long political corruption and financial hardships. Detective Frank Nagler is the last honest man in this city, the white knight who defends the weak and downtrodden. Of the three books in the series, this is the one that pulls out all the stops …  (it’s through) this juxtaposition of the dark and light that the exquisite tension of the story builds.”


As a bonus, included is the fun, quirky short story, “Who Shot the Smart Guy at the Blackboard,” which a reviewer called, “One of the best short stories I’ve read.”


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I have been writing most of my life. I am the author of the award-winning Frank Nagler Mystery series. "The Swamps of Jersey (2014); "A Game Called Dead" (2016) -- a Runner-Up in the 2016 Shelf Unbound Indie Author Contest; and "The Weight of Living" (2017) -- First Place winner for Mysteries in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Contest.
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