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A new review: Great Detective Book

The Red Hand by Michael Stephen Daigle is a gritty, raw, and enticing murder mystery that features the rookie detective Frank Nagler. This is a prequel to several other books in the series and really lays out what kind of person Nagler is. This is a great stand alone book, but you should certainly avail yourself of the other books in the series as well. We follow the story of a serial killer in a run down New Jersey town, one filled with desperation but also hope. The writing is substantial, the characters are all interesting and well described, and the plot itself is fascinating. Truly a story about overcoming and trying to survive against overwhelming forces like corruption, terror, and more, this is a substantial book that will keep your attention from the beginning until the end. Daigle writes with a confident tone, one which handles the subject matter with expertise and finesse. Highly recommend.

Other comments:

“A brilliant storyline and excellent and believable characterization make it well-worth reading. The conversations keep the story flowing at a fast pace. If you enjoy tales of a detective who wins against corrupt politicians, terrorists, and criminals, you will love The Red Hand.”

“At first I thought the story seemed quite simple, but there is a lot more depth to it than I had first anticipated. A fine detective novel, quick read and very enjoyable.

“This was a Frank Nagler novel at its best. A real page turner. I recommend it to everyone, especially murder mystery fans.

“What surprised me most about this book was how involved with the story I became, despite knowing the outcome after having read the previous books. That speaks volumes about the quality of the writing. If you enjoy stories about hard-boiled detectives who triumph over a corrupt system, this book is for you.”

“The author presents a riveting story of a serial killer unlike any other in a depressed New Jersey town that seeks a rebirth. Not only is there the well-written story of the case itself, but also how a young detective handles deeply-personal and professional crises at the same time. Michael Stephen Daigle weaves these strands into an excellent work about Frank Nagler, a detective who loves his hometown in spite of everything, and whose devotion to his young wife and duty never waver. He is a very sympathetic character, and readers will want to be with him for every step of the way.”

“As a reader, I like to know what a character is thinking. Michael Daigle gave me all I wanted. The thought processes, the doubts, the anticipation, the exhilaration of a solved case. It’s all there.”

Thanks to all who read and enjoyed the story and took the time to review it. 





Also here’s a link to the trailer created by Anita Dugan-Moore of Cyber-Bytz.com for my publisher:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ_SROHO88c

an audiobook version of THE SWAMPS OF JERSEY is here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BT8WHM3/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i2

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