A life in hardware

Male adapter, female receptor; inserter.
Wobble socket extension; quick-release bar; nailer, screw extraction kit.
Jack stands, light, keyed chuck, wheel chock.
Two-by-fours, six-by-tens; studs, carriage bolt, hammer, nails; screws, driver; expansion plates.
Trailer hitch, all terrain tricycle. Wall mounted speakers; electronic monitor; silence, then cough; flexible gates.
Metal detector with arm rest, steel mesh deck wagon, sandpaper.
Mower, blower, whacker. Weeder, seeder, trimmer.
Paint, brush, spill cloth, roller; tape measure.
Plaster, trowel, tape, scaffold, cement, stone, fertilizer.
Seed, mulch, weed killer, spade, rake, hoe.
Wireless door bell, microfiber cleaning cloths, shims.
Tie downs, loading ramps, terminal cleaner, test probe set.
Bladder, code reader, universal joint sets, carriage respirators; air tank.
Electric cut-off tool, box frame levels. Foldable wheelchair.
Shovels, ramps, blanket, folding chairs; canopy.
Noise canceling sound barrier.

About michaelstephendaigle

I have been writing most of my life. I have written at least three complete novels, have three others started and on my website michaelstephendaigle.com is the draft chapter of the latest effort,"The Swamps of Jersey."
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