Dwell in the silence of you

Strip these bones of their meaning,
Rip the words from my tongue,
Steal the shade from my eyes;
Peel away flesh from fingers, pour blood from vessels,
Drain the noise, the shuddering thump.
Shut the sound that brings distance;
Distill the shadows of confusion, the grimy light show that obscures.
Blast and break, dismantle and shed the defenses;
Stomp, crush and destroy these crumbling, shattered walls of disillusion.
Filter all the appearances until there is nothing but pure sensation
And I dwell in the silence of you.

About michaelstephendaigle

I have been writing most of my life. I have written at least three complete novels, have three others started and on my website michaelstephendaigle.com is the draft chapter of the latest effort,"The Swamps of Jersey."
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