Interesting review of ‘A Game Called Dead.’

Gritty, But Poetic

(From Amazon) By Merritt Stewart

This book wasn’t really my cup of tea. It reminds me of ‘In Cold Blood’ By Truman Capote in that, there is a lot of psychological examination. The detective wonders what someone must feel to commit a certain act, standing somewhere, he ‘feels’ the motive, etc. There is also a lot of poetic imagery. I respect this, it is not easy to do, much less well but, It’s just not what I prefer when reading a mystery. The book is well written but, rather grim and stark. Again, just not my cup of tea. True crime readers that like some grit in their stories will enjoy this book, I’m sure.

DEADCOVER715  MSD: I appreciate the reviewer’s comments. It shows how varied readers’ expectations can be about what a mystery story entails, and how wide a field “mystery” can be.  Not every book is someone’s cup of tea. I’m currently reading a cop story written by Devorah Fox (read her King Bewilliam series) that has the form of a classic cop-chase-the-bad-guy story, but whose writing is both silken and gritty, an intriguing mix.

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